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Prohibition Order

Have you received a Prohibition Order?

What is it?

A Prohibition Order imposes prohibitions on the use of residential premises or part of premises including HMOs whether for all purposes or for any particular purpose. The order becomes operative after 28 days after it is made. It is usually served on the owner or occupier of the whole or part of the specified premises, any person authorised to permit occupation, or mortgagee of the whole or part of the premises.

The Order will normally state whether it has been made to deal with category 1 or 2 hazards, the deficiencies in the specified premises giving rise to the hazard itself, and what work would be necessary for the prohibition order to the revoked.

Failure to comply with a Prohibition Order

It is an offence to for failing to comply with a Prohibition Order without reasonable excuse. Landlords that commit this offence will be fined on conviction and may be subject to:

  1. (a) A Rent Repayment Order (RRO) or (b) Banning Order

Emergency Prohibition Order

This has an immediate effect in prohibiting the use of all or part of the premises, the Local Authority can also serve Emergency remedial actions where they deem that a Category 1 hazard exists, there is an imminent risk of serious harm to health and safety to any of the occupiers and there is a breach of various management regulations.

If you receive a Prohibition Order or Emergency Prohibition Order, contact us as soon as possible on 0207 859 4451 to discuss.

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