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HMO Enforcement Notice

Have you received an HMO enforcement notice from the Council?

Usually, you will receive the notice by way of a letter, and it will state that the Council is investigating, or it has come to their notice that your property is operating without an HMO Licence contrary to section 72 Housing Act 2004.

The Council at that stage, may consider imposing a financial penalty or even considering prosecution, however, because they are still evidence gathering, you may be invited to attend a PACE interview at the Council offices, or you may be invited to complete your response to their written PACE interview questions to send back to them along with some documents. It is prudent to seek immediate legal advice, we would always advise never to attend or respond to PACE interview questions without seeking legal advice and assistance.

Whatever the case may be, as soon as you receive a 72 Housing Act Enforcement Notice for running an unlicensed HMO property or a Section 95 Enforcement Notice for renting out a property without a selective licence in an area that is covered by the additional licence scheme, it is vital that you seek legal advice prior to contacting the Council or responding to their questions.

You can contact us on 0207 859 4451 if you have a PACE interview coming up, we can help.

If you receive any warning letter or an enforcement notice of any kind from the Council, we can assist you, we specialise in helping Landlords in all types of enforcement issues with the Council. Call us on 0207 859 4451 or email us at:

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