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Consequences for Breach of HMO Regulations

HMO Regulation Breaches

Consequences for Breach of HMO Regulations

  • Fines
  • Costs
  • Revocation of Licence
  • Banning Orders

A conviction for breach of the HMO and Planning regulations could result in unlimited fines, and a costs order to pay the Prosecution costs to the Local Authority and may even result in you as a landlord being banned from being a landlord in a particular borough for failing the fit and proper person test as well as the possibility of that you could be registered onto the Rogue Landlords register.

It is vital that you seek early HMO Legal Advice from a specialist law firm in this area of work as soon as you receive a warning letter, an invitation letter to attend a PACE interview whether voluntary or not, or a notice from the Local Authority, as early legal intervention could mean the difference between being prosecuted and not been prosecuted.

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