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Business Compliance

Business Compliance

Trading Standards Lawyers

We have the expertise to advise you through every stage of a Trading Standards Investigation or a Trading Standard Prosecution across the country including:

  • Interviews under caution and PACE interviews
  • Summons to court
  • Representation at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court
  • Appeals to the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

It is vital that you contact us as soon as you receive an initial complaint letter so we can help you manage the process way before you are called in for a PACE interview.

Trading Standards Law covers the following:

  • Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading
  • Trade descriptions
  • Trademarks and copyright infringement
  • Misleading prices and advertising
  • Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and suppliers’ liabilities
  • Supply chain problems
  • Consumer credit and contract terms
  • Product Safety
  • Product recalls
  • Labeling
  • Animal welfare
  • Ages restricted sales
  • Food and risks to public health- Food Safety & Food Hygiene
  • Action under the Enterprise Act 2002
  • Closure Notices and Closure Orders

Health and Safety Lawyers

Health and Safety is a complex topic and is an issue that affects all businesses from sole traders to multi-national companies. There are numerous categories within health and safety itself, including general health and safety duties, construction management, corporate manslaughter and homicide, gross negligence, working at height, gas safety, fire safety, and many other areas.

If a breach of health and safety laws occurs there can be large fines imposed for what you may perceive as a minor offence. It is therefore vital for all businesses to contact well-experienced and knowledgeable health and safety solicitors if a case against their company ever arose.

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