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Our fees can be paid on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis and the options are presented to you during our consultation with you to decide which is most suitable for the type of case we are assisting you with.

Generally, our fees are based on a number of factors but not limited to the following: the nature of the case, complexity of the case, the time it is likely to take to resolve, other factors such as court listings, the opponent’s solicitor’s availability, level of seniority of the lawyer dealing with the case etc. You will be kept abreast of matters as your case progresses.

Payment options in Litigation matters (where a claim has arisen):

Fixed fee and capped options – Based on hourly or blended rate estimates for each phase of the claim.

Discounted conditional fee agreements (DCFA) – You pay a discounted fee during the claim and then make up the difference and pay a success fee if the claim succeeds.

Third party funding – Litigation funders fund the legal costs of the claim in return for a share of the damages if you’re successful.

Damages based agreements (DBA) – You pay nothing during the claim but pay a percentage of any settlement or damages that we recover (up to 50%).

After the event (ATE) insurance – Covers the opponent’s legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful. ATE insurance is usually used along with the other funding options.

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